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Economic Equity Current Issues:

Samantha Bradshaw & Curtis Davis, Jr., Task Force Co-Chairs


BANKING SUB GROUP- Michael Peeler and Barrie Simpson, Co-Chairs

  • Virtual Financial Summits are being planned for Frayser in June and Hickory Hill in July. These beta sites will be testing the video delivery of pertinent budgeting/credit information and a virtual financial survey.

  • Bi-monthly meeting being scheduled with First Horizon re their commitments to MICAH, and potential help with Virtual Financial Summit/s

  • Federal Reserve has been contacted and they will be providing financial education materials for these summits.

TRANSIT SUB GROUP- Mary Lou McCaa and Sandy Smegelsky, Co-Chairs

  • Short Term Funding - Shelby County Voted (9-4) for $2.5 million allocated in the 2020 CIP budget for MATA/but ultimately the Wheel Tax  which would have generated this revenue was moved to fund Education. Task force will work with commissioners to find another source of revenue for short & long term funding of MATA,

  • Long Term Funding - Full funding of Memphis Transit 3.0  - $10 million for 2021 budget – MICAH will continue to  explore revenue sources for full funding of Memphis Transit 3.0. Goal is to maintain pressure to keep transit a top priority which will support a restored and more equitable local economy,”

  • Monitoring of MATA to provide expenditures to improve routes and add additional route services  - Pressure City of Memphis to utilize CARES Act funds to replace lost ridership revenue/other transportation shortfalls and in the interim provide the short term funding for 2020.

RE-ENTRY SUB GROUP- Eliza Ford and Ernie Hilliard, Co-Chairs

  • COVID-19 testing and decarceration of Shelby County detention facilities

  • Developing COVID-19 information and reentry guide resource for Shelby County

  • Working with local and state legislators regarding specific reform recommendations proposed by Gov. Bill Lee’s Criminal Justice Investment Task Force

  • Developing rubrics to identify specific focus targets from six major strategic buckets that involve overall system policy reforms

HOUSING SUB GROUP- John Gemmill and Rebecca Hutchinson, Co-Chairs


Foote Homes Relocation Update

  • Housing Team met with Marcia Lewis. Lewis reported that they are on track to meet the commitment of ensuring the 360 Foote Home residents who wish to return may do so and they are setting a precedent nationwide. Follow-Up meeting set for June when 2nd phase of residents will be moving in. 


Memphis Renters' Rights & Resources (Resource Link)

Short Term – Due to Covid-19

  • Monitor Shelby County pending back log of over 7.000 eviction filings:

  • Provide direct financial and legal support:

  • Direct communication to those notified of evictions filing through online media such as Facebook.

  • Immediate financial and legal assistance to families, communities and CBOs for homelessness prevention, including rental assistance and foreclosure mitigation.

  • Encourage renters and landlords to meet with virtual mediators:

  • Housing advocates point to mediation as a means of negotiating between landlords and tenants to avoid foreclosure or evictions

  • A local nonprofit partner to provide free virtual mediation to community members

  • Reimburse landlords who do not evict hardest hit tenants for 6 months after the eviction moratorium is lifted:

  • Use other forms of compensation to encourage landlords to work proactively to keep renters housed after the public health emergency is over.

  • Monitor smaller banking institutions on foreclosure, deferments, credit reporting and predatory practices.


Long Term

  • Explore changes to a bill of rights and court processes to give additional rights to renters from predatory or bully landlords.

  • Support efforts through legislation by providing courts with additional tools to urge mediation and payment plans to avoid evictions.

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