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Pray for Memphis

Qualified immunity protects those officers who like to shoot recklessly.

In the name of “I’m just doing my job”.

The truth pops off and you can feel the intensity.

“Let’s make América great again” but transitioning without integrity.

It’s our people that need indemnity.

The disparity.

Damn, deputy.

Where’s the mental clarity?

It’s like you’re working with an evil entity that’s destroying your empathy.

What’s the point of serving your community if you lack compassion and your heart is empty.

My heart is heavy.

It’s crazy that a traffic stop turned deadly.

You beat up a father to death that in his record never even had a felony.

Officer, do you see why it’s necessity that you find serenity?

Essentially, we want you to respect us or you’re gonna continue to feel this hell, respectfully.


Don’t become a cop if you don’t have the mental strength.

Last month things got intense,

A dude going on a shooting rampage live on Facebook and a lady getting abducted, my city already under stress.

We suppose to relay on cops to feel safe.

On justice we can no longer wait.

Death doesn’t have to occur, there’s gotta be other ways.

I need the youth to observe and be on a different wave.

Bc half of us can’t even afford therapy.

That’s truth for black and brown family’s, but why I’m gonna always show solidarity for my community.

Bc there’s similarity in our struggles, and while I’m aware that this life is only borrowed.

I’m tired of seeing so many drown in sorrow not knowing how they’re gonna make it tomorrow.

It’s time we face our shadow.

So I invite you to close your eyes and inhale deeply. As I close this poem with a prayer.

Heavenly Father.

May you remind us That all things are possible if only we hold steadfast to our prayers, honesty, and truth.

Please always surround us with beautiful reminders of who we really are, not what others make us to believe.

Align us with the Awareness of our Medicine,  and to the great infinite field of possibilities

So that we may not be swayed by  the  lies,  tricks, and tactics of practitioners of fear.

Father, Allow us to heal and give us the emotional intelligence so that we may know how to react when caos is here.

For real


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