MICAH Partnership Dues

MICAH partners contribute to MICAH's work in a variety of ways, including through the payment of annual dues. A list of current partners can be found on the partnership page of our website

Each organization determines their own MICAH dues amount according to a sliding scale. Dues are half of 1% of the organization's annual budget. Dues will not exceed $4000 and will not go below $200. However, an inability to pay dues should not deter an organization from pursuing MICAH partnership, and we encourage existing partners to reach out to us if they cannot pay their dues! Email paige@micahmemphis.org for more information. 

How to Pay Dues

1. Partners must first fill out the partner check-in form, which takes roughly five minutes. The check-in is incredibly important, because it shows us who your delegates and financial contact are, what you're pledging to give, and if you are active or not. 

2. Pay your dues before the dues deadline, which is November 15th each year. You can pay dues in one of two ways: 


Click HERE to pay dues online. Please only pay one year of dues at a time. Do not click "recurring" unless you want your payment to be automated! 

By Check

You can send any dues checks to our PO Box, which is:


P.O. Box 40852

Memphis, TN 38174

Be sure to write "2021 dues" in the memo line, and indicate your partner organization on a separate piece of paper if you are not using your partner organization's checkbook. Otherwise, we won't know that it is a dues payment for your organization, and it will count as a donation. 

Because of USPS delays and our inability to check the PO Box every day, please expect a delay in receiving your dues payment. If you believe we haven't gotten it, please send an email to samantha@micahmemphis.org!