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Rev. Dr. Rosalyn Nichols, President

Janiece J. Lee, Vice President

Michelle Thomas, Treasurer

Rev. Dr. Walter Henry, Secretary

Ira Sharma, Communications Chair

Sweetrica Baker, Economic Equity Task Force Co-Chair

Ericka Douglas, Economic Equity Task Force Co-Chair

Venita Doggett, Education Equity Task Force Co-Chair

Khalilah Horton-Spencer, Education Equity Task Force Co-Chair

Rabbi Jeff Dreifus, Executive Team At-Large Member

Halla Mustafa, Executive Team At-Large Member

Rev. Cetrea Jimerson, Membership and Recruitment Chair

Andrew Woods, Operations and Finance Chair

Ruth Abigail Smith, Power Analysis Chair

Lisa Harris, Race & Class Equity in the Justice System Task Force Co-Chair

Ernie Hilliard,Race & Class Equity in the Justice System Task Force Co-Chair

Barbara Beaver, Training Co-Chair

Katie Ann Miller, Training Co-Chair

Rev. Sandra Summers, Youth Council Advisor 

Alleia Kragt Bakker, Youth Council Co-Chair 

Carolina Calvo, Youth Council Co-Chair

MICAH’S Board of Directors is made up of the following:

  • Executive Team (Board Leadership Team)

    • Officers (elected)

      • President

      • Vice President

      • Secretary

      • Treasurer

    • Chairs of Standing Teams

    • Chairs of Ad Hoc Teams

    • 2 At-Large Executive Team Members

  • Delegates from each organization (2 delegates each & an alternate)

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