MICAH’S Board of Directors is made up of the following:

  • Executive Committee (Board Leadership Team)

  • Officers (elected)

    • President

    • Vice President

    • Secretary

    • Treasurer

  • Chairs of Standing Teams

  • Chairs of Ad Hoc Teams

  • Delegates from each organization (2 delegates each & an alternate)


The Officers are:

  • Rev. Dr. Stacy Spencer, President

  • Janiece J. Lee, Vice President

  • Michelle Thomas, Treasurer

  • Sharon Montgomery, Secretary

The Standing Teams and their Chairs are:

  • Communications: Sweetrica Giaimo-Baker, Barrie Simpson

  • Fundraising: Beverly Robertson

  • Membership/Recruitment: Rev. Cetrea Jimerson, Britney Thornton 

  • Operations & Finance: Rev. Walter Henry

  • Power Analysis: Ruth Abigail Smith

  • Training: Rev. Will Christians, Rev. Vahisha Hasan

  • Economic Equity Task Force: Samantha Bradshaw, Curtis Davis

  • Education Equity Task Force: Alexis Gwin-Miller, Katy Spurlock

  • Race & Class Equity in the Justice System Task Force: Ernie Hilliard

  • Youth Council: Rev. Sandra Summers (advisor), Dylan Spiegel and Ximena Villa (youth co-chairs)

Ad Hoc (As Needed) Teams:

  • Nominating Team: Rev. Dr. Rosalyn Nichols

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Most translations on this site are approximate, using Google Translate. Please contact us if you have questions. MICAH would love to have help with human translation for this site. If you know of translators willing to volunteer, please have them email us at info@micahmemphis.org.