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Ron Davis

Digital Organizer

Ron serves as Digital organizer for MICAH. Prior to this role, Ron worked with two MICAH partners-- Wesley Foundation and St. John's UMC. As a digital organizer, Ron works with MICAH leaders to connect our issues to communities through integrated voter engagement and digital communications.

Ron resides in Memphis. Ron is a Memphis native, and graduated from Central High School. He earned his B.A. from Xavier University of Louisiana. Ron has been involved in MICAH as a member of the Freedom's Chapel Christian Church core team and as a Chair for MICAH's 2021 Public Meeting. Ron is passionate about developing effective communication strategies that position organizations for enhanced visibility and impactful outreach. He is committed to partner collaboration, and works with leaders to identify solutions that advances MICAH's mission and builds on target goals. Operating as a forward-thinker in a fast-paced industry, I have learned that any goal can be accomplished with a positive attitude, a keen eye for detail, and an exceptional work ethic.

Ron Davis
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