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Interested in Joining MICAH? 

We’re so excited that you’re exploring MICAH partnership! By definition, we’re a coalition of various groups united in a desire for justice in our community. Each organization brings its own strengths and perspectives, and we could not exist without this diversity. 


If you’re considering becoming a partner, please attend a MICAH meeting, which are currently all virtual, or a MICAH action/demonstration. All event registrations can be found on our events page, and you are welcome at any of our events posted there! Being active in MICAH is truly the best way to determine if it is a fit for your organization. 


To begin the partnership process, please email us to communicate your interest at Someone from the partnership team will reach out to you within a few business days. Typically, we will schedule a Zoom call with you to discuss your organization’s and MICAH’s vision. If both sides conclude that partnership is a good fit, your organization will complete a partnership agreement form, which includes a stated annual dues commitment and the appointment of two group delegates to MICAH. While a digital copy of this may be easier for some organizations, you can also request to fill out a physical paper copy if this is preferable. 


Connection and communication are more important now than ever. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions at We look forward to speaking with you about the opportunity of partnership!

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