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Renter's Rights Calls for Action

MICAH Calls on...

  • Mayor Harris and Mayor Strickland, to introduce local legislation to extend the Eviction Moratorium at least until July 25 when the Federal moratorium ends.  No evictions for non-payment of rent, regardless of cause. Staying home, even when it means a loss of income, is a government public health mandate. One can’t stay home without a home.

  • The Tennessee Supreme Court, to issue an executive order allowing and encouraging judges to mandate forbearance where tenants are waiting on unemployment or other COVID benefits or are otherwise economically impacted by the crisis. Forbearance can include: accepting partial payment, deferring payment, reducing payments, waiving late fees or other methods.

  • The Tennessee State Supreme Court, to issue an executive order to postpone or eliminate tenant payments of ALL legal fees on COVID related cases. Attorneys must be paid by the landlord, not the tenant.

  • The Tennessee State Supreme Court, to abolish all court costs on COVID related cases at the cost of the courts.

  • Sheriff Bonner and Director Rallings, to take swift police action against landlords who engage in any illegal eviction by force or threat. Enforce the Landlord Tenant Act.

  • Judges of General Sessions Court, when the courts reopen, to assure that due process is scrupulously observed, and the legal rights of tenants are fully protected.

  • Banks, to offer forbearance for mortgage holders of rental property, to parallel that offered by Federal or other government backed mortgages. MICAH calls on all elected leaders in the Mid-South to call on banks, other financial institutions and their trade organizations to provide forbearance on landlord or owner mortgage payments, including
    deferral or reduction of payments and waiver of late fees, attorneys fees and court costs,
    on condition that deferral and workout benefits are extended to tenants.

  • The Memphis Area Association of Realtors (MAAR) and other organizations of landlords, to adopt a code of conduct that recognizes our common humanity and seeks to minimize the total suffering of all Memphians.

For Memphis Renter's Rights FAQs and Resources, click here.

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