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Liz Reid


Liz Love hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, by way of Memphis, TN. After her parents' death, she was adopted by her grandfather and raised alongside five older sisters and two younger brothers. This midwestern girl with southern roots defied the odds and overcame adversity to arrive at her dream of being a college student.

While serving as the 80th Miss University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, she created Essence of a Woman, a peer to peer mentorship program to help young women matriculate academically, mentally, and spiritually while in school and life after graduation.  Liz earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff and commissioned in the United States Army Reserves as a Medical Service Corp Officer. Ten years later, the program has transformed into a formidable organization with-stranding the tests of time.

She is heavily involved with charities, organizations, and boards that support girls, women, veterans, and entrepreneurs. Her husband, Michael, is an Engineer Army officer who proudly serves and shares the same passion for helping others. Her son Michael III is an adventurous toddler. Both of them are her biggest supporters.

Liz Reid
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