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Economic Equity Task Force

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MICAHLogoFinal (1).png

Sweetrica Baker

(Memphis and West TN AFL-CIO Labor Council)

Ericka Douglas

(New Direction Christian Church)

Our Work

This Task Force was birth from the need to address economic equity as an issue of justice. Memphis will not see far-reaching economic growth without addressing the underlying issues of disparity​ that have historically undermined the economic well-being for communities of color.  Economic prosperity is not being shared equitably, resulting in a city still divided by racial and economic lines.

Through our work, we have established 3 subgroups:

Worker's Rights

Transit Equity

Banking and Housing Equity

Our Issues

Take Action!

  • Ensure funding for:

    • Clean, safe, updated, and modern school facilities for all our children

    • Raising the number of nurses, social workers and school counselors per student in the schools to nearer the number recommended by professional organizations

    • Fairly compensating teachers and paraprofessionals in high needs schools or lowering class size to make workload equitable to that of teachers of more affluent students.

  • Increase school board member decision transparency and expand community input opportunities as it relates to the 2022 superintendent search process and other key decisions.

MICAH’s Education Equity Task Force meets regularly on the 1st Monday of each month at 6:00pm on Zoom with the Momentum Memphis Coalition. Contact or  to be added to the email list to receive meeting information.

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