MICAH's 5th Annual Public Meeting

MICAH Public Meeting Save the Date.png

What is a Public Meeting?

MICAH’s annual Public Meeting occurs each fall with the goal of engaging the broader community of Memphis and Shelby County into the work MICAH is doing in a distinct moment. The Public Meeting shows a “slice” of  our current work.


The work of equity and justice is long-term. It took generations for us to get to where we are today, with systems of inequity that have been fine tuned for decades. We are not going to solve the issues of our time in an hour. To that end, MICAH is in it for the long haul.


There are immediate and critical issues in our community, such as the MLGW cutoffs and the unjust killings by police officers, to name a few. We are in the process of turning this acute anger and awareness into long term plans for system and community change. MICAH is creating these spaces while continuing the work we have been doing for almost four years.


The “slice” you will see of our Task Forces at the Public Meeting is where we believe our sustained work intersects with the direct needs of our time.